πŸ‘‹ Hi! I'm Collin Pfeifer

I'm ahoping to help others through any means I can






reading, poker, chess, cooking, debating

discussing deep and theoretical ideas is my thing. anything goes from philisophy or psychology to politics.

Dream Job

therapist, developer or a college professor specializing in computer science, math, or psychology.

Dream City

Washington D.C. and New York City

Role Models

E.O. Scott, Albert Einstein, Phillipa Foot


top artists are Kanye West, MF DOOM and Freddie Gibbs

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JSLab is a React app made for testing ideas and brainstorming in React, running on a custom made assembly bundle made with esbuild and renders JavaScript in real time using a monaco web-based editor.

  • TypeScript 80.2%
  • CSS 15%
  • HTML 4.8%


TweetGram is a social media clone app, allowing for CRUD features with authentication, data storage with MongoDB, and data access through GraphQL.

  • JavaScript 97.1%
  • HTML 2.9%

Hamilton Southeastern High School

Received an Academic Honors diploma while taking 15+ AP and Dual Credit classes. Participated in clubs such as Computer Science club, euchre club and DECA

  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Capstone Seminar
  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics & Magnetism
  • AP Calculus BC
  • HIST-H 105 & HIST-H 106: American History
  • PSY-P 101: Introductory Psychology 1
  • POLS-Y 103: Introduction to American Politics
  • COLL-P 155: Public Oral Communication
  • MATH-M 118: Finite Mathematics

Indiana University

Majored in Psychology and Computer Science. Participated in clubs found on and off campus such as Psychology Club, IUJUR, and Code@IU.

  • PSY-P 101
  • PSY-P 102
  • SOS-C 371
  • CSCI-C 200


Took classes furthering my interests in computer science and web development, such as the Modern React and Redux cource, Using TypeScript with React, Complete Guide to CSS, etc.

  • The Complete Node.js Developer Course
  • React Testing with Jezt and Enzyme
  • Modern React with Redux
  • Using TypeScript with React
  • CSS - The Complete Guide

LinkedIn Learning

Took courses furthering my professional career in computer science, ethcial hacking, and business, such the Foundations of Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Agile Development Practices
Web Development Intern
May 2020 - July 2020

Furthered my HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills, specifically with Node.js and ReactJS frameworks through a development project. Met with leaders of the web development and gained industry knowledge, attended web-development workshops with fellow interns regarding new industry technologies.

Advanced Intelligence Services Corp.
Web Development Intern
October 2020 - March 2021

Led an intern web developer team in the development process for a security focused website built on a MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and Node.js) stack to better appeal to customers around the world, and was able to grow leadership and team working abilities along with my developer knowledge.

Code Ninjas
Code Sensei Tutor
February 2020 - May 2021

Tutored students in the fields of computer science between the ages of 8-14, gained valuable leadership skills, learning skills, and computer science skills, specifically JavaScript and C#, to further a possible career.

DevOps/Software Engineer Intern
November 2020 - May 2021

Deployed and maintained Azure web services for multiple clients including web apps, cloud storage, and DNS zones. Worked on the backend of a site with over a million hits per year, improved security features throughout multiple Vue and Express web apps and APIs.

Minerva Digital Media Group
React Developer
November 2021 - Present

Worked as a freelance web developer in the Indianapolis and surrounding Bloomington area. Used tools such as Gatsby and React for front-end development and Node.js and MongoDB for back-end development.

Software Engineer Intern
October 2021 - Present

Worked in the CACR (Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research) in developing a metrics dashboard for easily and securely showing data to clients.

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